4 actionable tips to manage through a crisis

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The principles of being a good leader don’t really change during good times or bad. Leadership by definition is about guiding toward a particular vision. The circumstances around that vision determine the particular courses of action. That said, the emphasis changes on which principles a leader should focus on. Here are some of the more important leadership characteristics to focus on during challenging times such as these.

1. Have and show empathy.

People walk into work with a lot of other things going on in their life. Now more than ever, employees are potentially facing challenges in and outside of work that may be completely…

If you have the ideas, live by the execution, allow yourself to express things imperfectly, revise, and refine

“Any singer who isn’t using the jibberish technique to write songs is seriously holding themselves back.” — 7.1 thousand likes on this YouTube comment

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In songwriting, it’s often very difficult to come up with pristine lyrics off the top of your head. Often, as you sing along with a newly created track, what comes out are the fragments of melodies, a few memorable lines of poetry, or perhaps even just a thought or concept that could work. At this point, it’s mostly gibberish.

If you just put it out sounding like that, it very likely would not become some grand…

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I’ve spent most of my life pursuing distractions from being by myself. This past year has been…interesting.

LA is a loud place. A place with constant movement. I didn’t feel the “slowness” that people speak of when they mention the West Coast.

I spent a year trying to clear my head and explore my own true desires. I spent time making music, writing, and coding.

For the first time in many years, I spent 80% of my time alone. …

Preserving our economy in the face of COVID-19

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The news just broke that SXSW has been canceled, along with so many other events and conferences around the globe. It’s hard to imagine that an event with over 75,000 people in annual attendance is really just a tiny drop in the bucket in comparison to all of the major conferences that are being canceled all over the world. Here’s just the very beginning: a list of cancellations compiled by USA Today.

As someone who has traveled all over the United States myself, I can speak to the level of importance these events have in our economy. For example, B2B…

It feels like 2016 all over again

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Once again, it’s another election and I’m non-plussed. Once again, somehow we’ve gotten to the point in which choosing a president feels like a choice between two evils, at least for some of us in the Democratic party.

Echoes of 2016

In 2016, it was Clinton and Trump. On the one hand, we had a scripted politician trying to break through to be relatable for the majority of Americans. Hillary fans, forgive the characterization, but even the Secretary herself recognized that she struggled in this area. While hardly the same as former President Clinton on the issues, one still got the feeling that…

30 principles for my 30th birthday

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I try to keep a running list of principles and revisit them often. They are by no means exhaustive or complete. Yet, they seem to me to be true and I try to organize my life, when I’m my best self, around these ideas and principles.

Principles are different than desires. A desire can be expressed by saying, “I want X to be the case, even if it’s not.” Principles, on the other hand, are things you believe to be true. They can also be commands or instructions that you use to guide your life based on truth.

None of…

Vision reflections in the spirit of self-love

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The last ten years flew by. Another ten years will too. Right now is a chance to reflect not only on your new year's resolutions but also on the new you. Who are you going to be ten years from now? What will you have done? What things did you miss out on this last decade that you might have wished for? What went right for you?

In the glow of the headlights rushing from place to place and the flashing computer screens, our minds often dance, bewildered by the sheer pace of the world now. It’s so easy to…

Making it through the death of my father

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Two months ago my dad passed away from pancreatic cancer. It was brutal and quick. He passed away only a couple of weeks after we found out it was bad. When my uncle told me the cancer was inoperable, I collapsed and wept in my driveway right as my neighbors walked past. A few days before that, my dad told me not to fly home right away because he thought he had time, but I decided to go home anyway.

Before I flew back, my younger brother sent me pictures and warned me that dad would not be the same…

Hack your productivity by living an inspired life

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Have you ever been in a really good flow state? That feeling of gas in your mental tank is pumping and you’re just powering through some task. It could be writing a blog post, hammering sales emails, creating a new website. Flow is domain-general.

Flow is a superpower. It helps you get stuff done. It helps narrow your focus down to just the task at hand. It ignores time. It pauses the outside world and gives you a pleasant work environment.

One thing I noticed about myself is that when I’m acting out of inspiration, I can achieve flow easier…

You don’t always get out what you put in.

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Hustle is a requirement of success, but it is not sufficient. Every person I know that has a normal life hustles on some level because even maintaining a normal middle-class life is a lot of work. I know people who drive trucks all night and come home just to work on landscaping businesses. I know people who spend 60+ hours per week driving for Uber. I know teachers who are stuck in a government payment system, but who put in just as much work as any CEO.

If you take the same level of effort and put that person into…

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